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Anschlussstecker zum KUFATEC-Modul

First of all:
Check the connection

A frequently occurring problem is the plug connection to the KUFATEC module, which is not connected correctly. Please push the bracket upwards, so that the plug can sink down further into the module. When the bracket is completely vertical and the plug is sunken until the horizontal marking, the plug connection is hooked on correctly (see figure). Please check this always first.

No LED is shining KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro Module

Problem: no LED is shining.
Possibility 1: No power supply. Please check if the module is connected to a source of electricity.
Possibility 2: The Firmware is not up-to-date. Download the latest firmware here: update to the latest firmware
Possibility 3: In very rare cases the module is defective. Get in contact with us to perform a repair or an exchange if necessary.

LED 1 is not shining KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro Module

Problem: LED 1 is not flashing.
Possibility 1: The connection to the ESM is not correct. Please check the pin. The software shows the error message: "Please check connection CAN 2".
Possibility 2: No power supply. Please check here as well if the module gets electricity.

LED 2 is not shining KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro Module

Problem: LED 2 is not shining.
Possibility 1: No power supply. Please check if the module is connected to a source of power.
Possibility 2: The connection to the engine CAN-Bus is not correct. Check if the module is pinned to the respectively right CAN-Bus. The software displays the error message: "Please check connection CAN 1".

The diagnostic page of the software

Important: Before connecting the module via USB to a PC/Laptop, plus and minus have to be plugged in correctly. Else it might cause a defect of the computer.

With the free software you can see at a glance if one of the connections is not correct and causes a malfunction.

Furthermore please necessarily check if the firmware is up to date. You can always find the latest firmware in our download section: download area.

Read more about the functionality of the software, for instance about the virtual accelerator or the irregular idle.
Software explanation

Problem could'nt get solved? We help you.

Sound Booster Pro Hotline: +49 (0) 4551 80 810 888
Available for you in our business hours 9:00 am–6:00 pm.