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Our installation partners –
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Country Postal code City Company Street Website    
[at] Austria 2201 Gerasdorf bei Wien TALUS Performance Tuning Fabriksgasse 9 Details Direction
[at] Austria 2514 Traiskirchen Car Service Sattler Badener Straße 31 Details Direction
[at] Austria 3304 St. Georgen am Ybbsfeld Autohandel Pöchacker Balldorf 8 Details Direction
[at] Austria 4061 Pasching patchWORKS Softwaretuning e.U. Pasching Point 3 Details Direction
[at] Austria 4553 Schlierbach Sperrer Motorsports Pyhrnstraße 16 Details Direction
[at] Austria 4931 Mettmach Lechner Tuning GmbH Nösting 16 Details Direction
[at] Austria 6134 Vomp Car Technik Center Industriestraße 11 Details Direction
[at] Austria 7411 Markt Allhau MBG-TUNED Hartberger Straße 15 Details Direction
[at] Austria 8820 Neumarkt Car & Audio Performance Türkengasse 6 Details Direction
[au] Australia 3189 Moorabbin Autofidelity Pty Ltd 26-28 Kilpa Road Details Direction
[be] Belgium 3660 Opglabeek X-Performance Weg naar Zwartberg 289/1 Details Direction
[be] Belgium 4890 Thimister-Clermont Dederichs H.T. sprl Rue Zenobe Gramme 9 Details Direction
[ch] Switzerland 2545 Selzach AudersetCars Industriestrasse 4 Details Direction
[ch] Switzerland 9533 Kirchberg STEGAR AG Wolfikon 66 Details Direction
[de] Germany 04808 Meltewitz FTO-Power Dorfstrasse 40 Details Direction
[de] Germany 07745 Jena CST & HORN KFZ GmbH Keßlerstraße 27 Details Direction
[de] Germany 12165 Berlin Steglitz C&S Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH Schlossstr.70 Details Direction
[de] Germany 12681 Berlin RC Kfz-Service GmbH Wolfener-Str. 32-34 Details Direction
[de] Germany 18146 Rostock Kliewer Service GmbH & Co. KG Brückenweg 9 Details Direction
[de] Germany 22145 Braak Frank Rusche e.K. Braaker Bogen 16 Details Direction
[de] Germany 22926 Ahrensburg Carmotec Kurt-Fischer-Str.43 Details Direction
[de] Germany 23795 Bad Segeberg KUFATEC GmbH & Co. KG Dahlienstr. 15 Details Direction
[de] Germany 24983 Handewitt Soundbox Handelsgesellschaft mbH Skandinavian Park 12 Details Direction
[de] Germany 32278 Kirchlengern LAMBDA-TEC Alfred-Krupp-Str. 2 Details Direction
[de] Germany 33790 Halle Westfalen Autohaus Schlensok Elsa-Brändströmstr. 35 Details Direction
[de] Germany 38162 Cremlingen RaSa UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Im Moorbusche 33a Details Direction
[de] Germany 39112 Magdeburg EMM-Fahrzeugtechnik Freie Str. 36a Details Direction
[de] Germany 41516 Grevenbroich Ampire Electronics GmbH & Co.KG Langwadener Straße 60 Details Direction
[de] Germany 44139 Dortmund XTON GmbH Ruhrallee 31 Details Direction
[de] Germany 47551 Bedburg-Hau RSR Tuning Borschelstraße 10 Details Direction
[de] Germany 57078 Siegen B&B Automobiltechnik GmbH Birlenbacher Straße 126 Details Direction
[de] Germany 58089 Hagen Workshop No5 Herdecker Str. 26 Details Direction
[de] Germany 58762 Altena Comfort Electronic Raulf Hagener Str. 32 Details Direction
[de] Germany 63584 Gründau - Thomas Stürmer Rothenberger Straße 10 Details Direction
[de] Germany 66740 Saarlouis Car&Sound Überherrner Str. 3 Details Direction
[de] Germany 67269 Grünstadt Style & Sound Carl-Zeiss-Str. 22A Details Direction
[de] Germany 67663 Kaiserslautern JCAsystems UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Pariser Straße 287 Details Direction
[de] Germany 75331 Engelsbrand Schneider Car Improvement Gewerbepark 22 Details Direction
[de] Germany 81737 München Fasttuning Performance GmbH Bayerwaldstr 35A Details Direction
[de] Germany 90513 Zirndorf Need4Street Automotive GmbH Hinterm Bahnhof 4 Details Direction
[de] Germany 90763 Fürth Daniel und Viktor Roth Gbr. Fichtenstr. 66 Details Direction
[dk] Denmark 3460 Birkerød BSR Danmark ApS Pilehøj Vænge 8C Details Direction
[es] Spain 08600 Berga - Barcelona Vag-Navisystems SL Maria Obiols 2 bajos Details Direction
[es] Spain 29004 Malaga Malaga Sport Tuning Calle Alejandro Dumas 1 Details Direction
[fr] France 34440 Colombiers eurl Audio Star 86 Rue des Anciennes Details Direction
[fr] France 83600 Frejus Auto Custom 13 Rue Albert Einstein Details Direction
[gb] United Kingdom MK1 1DT Milton Keynes Richter Sport Ltd 23 Denbigh Road Details Direction
[gr] Greece 12241 Aegaleo, Attica CitySound 288 Thivon Avenue Details Direction
[hu] Hungary 6725 Szeged Eurobulldog Kft. Textilgyári út 3. Details Direction
[it] Italy 20090 Opera Mi Romeo Ferraris s.r.l. Via Lambro 33 Details Direction
[it] Italy 20148 Milano No Respect Sound Srl Via Matteo Civitali, 19 Details Direction
[it] Italy 21052 Busto Arsizio Faratech Srl Via Benedetto Milani, 4 Details Direction
[it] Italy 25131 Brescia SAEL snc Via del Mella, 78 Details Direction
[it] Italy 39058 Sarnthein Infinitas BZ Srls Via Andreas Hofer 38 Details Direction
[it] Italy 46037 Roncoferraro POWER MOTIVE Del Commercio 7 Details Direction
[it] Italy 46047 Porto Mantovano Mantova Sestante, Srl Navistore via Atene 30 Details Direction
[it] Italy 59100 Prato autofficina mg srl Via Ceccatelli 32 Details Direction
[it] Italy 70019 Triggiano DMC Custom Tailored S.r.l. Via Cesare Battisti, N.C. Details Direction
[it] Italy 80038 Pomigliano D'Arco Esotime Via Passariello 185 Details Direction
[kr] South Korea 05838 Seoul G Link International Inc. L-7142, Chungmin road 66, Songpa gu Details Direction
[ma] Morocco 20100 Casablanca Komforauto 34, rue Tamaarouft, Bourgogne Details Direction
[ma] Morocco 20480 Casablanca Les Trois Lions Rue 100 Hay Moulay Abdellah Details Direction
[nl] Netherlands 5741PN Beek en Donk Electronic4Cars Haverkamp 10 Details Direction
[nl] Netherlands 7007CD Doetinchem Car Gadgets B.V. Innovationsweg 30A Details Direction
[nl] Netherlands 7071EC Ulft CARlectra De Hogenkamp 9 Details Direction
[pl] Poland 51-413 Wrocław Ul. Kętrzyńska 27 Details Direction
[se] Sweden 65350 Karlstad Eftermontering i Karlstad AB Skårevägen 63 Details Direction

How it works:

   1. Find installation partner

Search for an installation partner nearby of our pool of partners. Type your city into the search bar, add the country and choose the radius, in which you want to search.

   2. Get in touch

Contact the chosen workshop nearby via e-mail or phone. Make an appointment for an installation or address important issues regarding the mounting.

   3. Get the Sound Booster installed

Bring your car to our installation partner on the selected day and get the Active Sound System installed. After the installation you can drive home with a tuneful engine sound – maybe taking an extra turn?!

You want to become an official KUFATEC installation partner? Apply here.