Download equalized pre made profiles

Preconfigured sound profiles

Imitating Gas Engine (irregular, boost)

This is the ideal profile for small motorized cars. Have you ever seen a VW Polo, which is rumbling like a Hot Rod? With this sound profiles you will.

Imitating Gas Engine (irregular, maximum volume)

With this profiles it is going to be loud – brace for astonished gazes and a lot of attention. This profiles are created to reach the limit of the Sound Booster Pro.

Maserati module sound profiles (ESM)

If you have replaced the standard external sound module (ESM) from Audi with that of Maserati, you can download customized sound profiles here. The package contains a total of 4 profiles (p3, p4, p5 and p6). We recommend profile 4 and 5 – Profile 5 is louder while standing than profile 4.

General notes

Please read the installation instructions of the firmware and driver of Sound Booster Pro Software for individual tone profiles. These contain general informations, safety instructions and requirements for the intended usage. In addition the implementation of application and bootloader updates is described in detail.

The reasons, why we don't support a mobile APP:

  • If the mobile phone is connected via Wi-Fi, the internet is not available at the phone, because it expects a Wi-Fi router. That means you can't receive push-notifications and can't use the internet as well.
  • If the mobile phone is connected with bluetooth, the hands-free module is not usable anymore.
  • Legal terms do not allow the interaction with the mobile phone while driving.
  • Adjustments of the diagrams are just not representable with an APP in this range of functions.
  • Depending on the vehicle you still have various possibilities to change the profiles:
    Control possibilities