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The KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro in detail –
this is special about it

There are no technical options to generate such sounds with an exhaust system. Apart from that an entire exhaust system is partly coupled with higher costs.

The Sound Booster Pro can be installed in almost every car. The condition is an engine CAN BUS system. Either the underbody of the car offers enough space for the external sound generator or it is installed inside the vehicle (spare wheel recess).

In addition, our vehicle specific kits allow short installation time without welding or drilling. We are constantly creating new specific kits to enable this easy mounting for even more car makes and models – leaving the car "unharmed".

Use our Sound Booster Finder to find the right kit for your car.


  • short installation time, no welding or drilling (vehicle specific kit)
  • no power loss by decoupling from exhaust system
  • original look of the car isn’t changing
  • up to 6 sound profiles
  • managing via remote control, push button or if applicable specific for car model
  • creates a engine sound which resembles a V6 or V8 engine
  • LED status signaling for an installation without problems
  • adjustment of profiles and diagrams with free software or smartphone app
  • extensions for the car and functions with free software updates
  • every car can be equipped (connection to engine-CAN [Powertain-CAN] necessary)
  • KUFATEC sound module has an ECE-R10.5 registration

» Find Sound Booster for your car

Sound generator with KUFATEC sound module
The sound generator can be installed at the underbody of the car or alternatively inside the car (spare wheel recess).

What is a Sound Booster? –
Function and Composition

Once developed to absorb noise the opposite became the hit: The Active Sound System boosts engine tones respectively creates its own sound characteristic.

The Active Sound System is no exhaust system as it is often assumed. Basically it is a loudspeaker, which generates a deep exhaust sound with the help of modules.

The basis of the Sound Booster Pro is a sound generator. If you supply the system with an electric input signal (e. g. revolutions per minute), the electroacoustic transducer can produce an auditory signal.
This signal is sent through an acoustic wire via sound transmission and/or a connected exhaust system respectively a tail pipe.

We recommend mounting the external noise generator at the underbody of the vehicle, because you can take it off there easily again. This helps you, for example, if you want to sell your car. Furthermore, the soundscape is a little more pleasant inside the car. But there isn't always enough space at the underbody – that's why we provide the installation also inside the car. Then the sound generator is installed into the spare wheel recess. For this purpose a hole has to be drilled into the sheet metal.

The size of the sound generator (number 9 in the picture) is: diameter ca. 20 cm, height ca. 16 cm and perimeter ca. 64 cm.

  1. 1 - Connection Sound Actuator
  2. 2 - Ignition Plus
  3. 3 - Fuse
  4. 4 - Button
  5. 5 - CAN High and CAN Low
  6. 6 - Ground
  7. 7 - Connection ESM
  8. 8 - Connection Sound Module
  9. 9 - Sound Generator
  10. 10 - KUFATEC Sound Module
  11. 11 - ESM - External Sound Module