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Sound pressure transducer for the bonnet and direct engine sound
The Sound-Actuator Mini is installed at a fitting place inside the bonnet.

The actuator simulates a large volume engine as an extension of the Sound Booster Pro or as a single complete set

The Mini Sound-Actuator was invented, because our research for the Sound Booster Pro improvements showed one thing: there must be an easy way to give the engine a direct sound from the front – not only from the exhaust.

The Sound Actuator simulates an astonishing tone under the bonnet with a sound pressure transducer. It's connected to the Sound Booster Pro, the system get set into vibrations and acts like the adjusted sound profiles (standard or your own with the software) more powerful or more subtle.

You hear the deep sound the best while standing or inside the car. The sound experience can be increased up to 30 %.

As a single retrofit without a sound generator, your vehicle gets a discreet but clearly audible volume increase of the engine sound. Of course, this version can also be extended with a sound generator later on.

Everything at a glance:

  • short installation time, no welding or sheet metal work needed
  • simulates a V6-/V8-like engine sound directly from the bonnet
  • perfect addition to the Sound Booster Pro sound
  • subtle but powerful engine noise – perfect solution for electric cars
  • best sound while standing and inside the car
  • invisible installation at the interior of the bonnet
  • no power loss
  • control with remote control, push button or when applicable specific for the car
  • LED status signaling for an installation without problems
  • constantly free software updates
    Extension in the shop Complete single retrofit

Installation & sound samples of the Sound-Actuator Mini

The installation of the Sound-Actuator Mini is easy. So you get a tuneful addition to the Sound Booster Pro in an uncomplicated way.

This video shows how the actuator can be installed at the bonnet and how the sound of the installed sound actuator differs from the original engine tone.

Because this extension is linked with the Sound Booster, respectively the KUFATEC Sound Booster module generates a powerful sound for the complete set, you benefit from the same tone profiles and the individual control via cruise control or for example Drive Select.