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Customized Active Sound solutions
for engine and exhaust sound

Level 1 - modest engine noise

Level 1 - electric vehicles Sound Booster Sound-Actuator Mini

The Sound-Actuator Mini is mounted from the inside at the bonnet and ensures a simulated engine sound due to a sound pressure transducer. The car gets audible and provides a pleasant volume, which makes pedestrians perceive the car.

All info about the Sound-Actuator Mini

Level 2 - the KUFATEC Sound Booster

Level 2 - electric vehicles with Sound Booster Pro

Simulates a large-volume engine with the installation of the sound generator inside the front trunk. The 6 tone profiles provide the same different sound stages of the Sound Booster on electric cars as on a diesel or gasoline engine. You can create your own personal profiles with the software as well.
Kits for electric cars in our shop

Level 3 - the extreme boost

This version offers a high increased engine and exhaust sound. In addition to the sound generator in the front area there is installed a second noise generator at the back area. Hereby the vehicle gains further more sound comparable to a sporty exhaust system.

Level 3 for Tesla in our shop

The Tesla S P90D can be retrofitted with all levels

We have retrofitted this fast car model of the Tesla series with two Sound Booster Pro. Level 3 for the Tesla S P90D – strong engine and exhaust sound. With 510 hp on the back, 262 hp at the front, a maximum speed of 250 km/h, in 3,3 seconds from 0 to 100, a range of 509 km (NEDC) the Tesla impresses as a powerful electric car.

The installed Sound Booster adjustes itself to the consumption of electricity. If you drive with low consumption, the Active Sound System is switching off.

The control of the Sound Booster Pro is available in 3 ways:

Electric Smart ForTwo with KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro

More electric cars with Active Sound

The electric Smart fortwo 451 was our first retrofit with the Sound Booster Pro at an electric car. The Active Sound System for the Smart provides 3 tone profiles from modest to loud. You can retrofit Level 1 (decent engine sound) and Level 2 (the Sound Booster Pro for exhaust sound). We have specific kits for those in our shop.

Level 1: Sound-Actuator Mini
Level 2: Sound Booster Pro


  • external sound generator
  • holder
  • KUFATEC sound module
  • ESM - External Sound Module
  • cable set

Expenditure for installation:

  • without welding
  • installation time ca. 3 hours
  • can be installed by yourself
  • can be installed by specialist workshops
  • can be installed by an installation partner