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These cars can be retrofitted
with the this Sound Booster kit

Alfa Romeo: Giulietta 940
Audi: A3 8P1, 8V1, 8VK; A3 Cabriolet 8P7, 8V7, 8VE; A3 Sportback 8PA, 8VA, 8VF; A4 8E2, B6, 8EC, B7, 8K2, B8, 8W2, 8WC; A4 Allroad 8KH, B8; A4 Avant 8K5, B8, 8W5, 8WD; A5 Cabriolet 8F7; A5 Sportback 8TA; A6 4G2, 4GC; A6 Allroad 4GH, 4GJ; A6 Avant 4G5, 4GD; A7 Sportback 4GA, 4GF; A8 4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL; E-Tron GEN; Q3 8UB, 8UG; Q5 8RB, FYB, FYG; Q7 4L, 4LB, 4MB, 4MG; Q8 4MN; TT 8J3, FV3, FVP; TT Roadster 8J9, FV9, FV9, FVR
BMW: 1er F20, F21; 1er Coupe E82; 3er Coupe E92; 3er Touring E91, F31; 4 Coupe F32, F82; 5er F10, F10, F18; 5er Gran Turismo F07; 5er Touring F11; 6 Gran Coupe F06; 7er F01, F02, F03, F04; X1 E84, F48
Ford: Kuga II DM2; Mondeo V Turnier CF; Ranger -, EQ, ER, R, ES, ET, ET, TKE; S-Max CJ, WA6; Tourneo Connect/Grand Tourneo Connect V408 Großraumlimousi -
Hyundai: Santa Fé III DM, DMA
Jaguar: F-Pace X761; XF CC9, J05, CC9, JB, X250, X260; XF Sportbrake X250
Jeep: Commander XH, XK; Grand Cherokee IV WK, WK2; Wrangler III JK
Mercedes-Benz: A-Klasse W176; C-Klasse W204, W205; CLA Coupe C117; CLS C218, C219; E-Klasse W213; GLE Coupe C292; M-Klasse W166; SLK R172; Sprinter 3,5-T Bus B906; Sprinter 3-T Bus B906; V-Klasse W447; Viano W639; Vito Bus W639; Vito/Mixto Kasten W639; X-Klasse 470
MINI: Mini R56; Mini Cabriolet R57; Mini Roadster R59
Mitsubishi: Lancer VIII CYA, CZA; Pajero IV V80, V90, V8W, V9W; Pajero IV Van V8, V8V, V9
Nissan: NP300 Navara D40
Opel: Adam M13; Cascada W13
Peugeot: 308 II L3, LB, LH, LP, LW
Porsche: Cayenne 92A, 9PA; Macan 95B; Panamera 970
Seat: Alhambra 710, 711; Leon 1M1, 1P1, 5F, 5F1; Leon ST 5F8
Skoda: Octavia II 1Z3; Octavia III 5000, NL3, NR3; Octavia III Combi 500000, 5000000; Superb III 3V3
Smart: Fortwo Cabrio 451; Fortwo Coupe 451
Tesla: Model S 5YJS
Toyota: Hilux III Pritsche/Fahrgestell KUN1, TGN3, TGN2, TGN1; Hilux Pritsche/Fahrgestell N1, N2; Hilux VII Pick-up N1, N2, N3
Volvo: V60 I 155, 157; XC60 156
VW: Amarok 2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B; Arteon 3H7, 3H8; EOS 1F7, 1F8; Golf Sportsvan AM1, AN1; Golf VI 5K1; Golf VII 5G1, BE1, BE2, BQ1; Golf VII Variant BA5, BV5; Multivan V 7EF, 7EM, 7EN, 7HF, 7HM, 7HN; Multivan VI SGF, SGM, SGN, SHM, SHN; Passat 362, 3C2; Passat Alltrack 365; Passat CC 357; Passat Variant 365, 3C5; Polo 6C1, 6R1, 6R, 6C, AE1, AW1, BZ1; Scirocco 137, 138; Sharan 7N, 7N1, 7N2; Tiguan 5N; Touareg 7L6, 7L7, 7LA, 7P5, 7P6; Touran 5T1; Transporter IV Bus 70B, 70C, 70J, 70K, 7DB, 7DC, 7DJ, 7DK; Transporter V Bus 7EB, 7EJ, 7HB, 7HJ; Transporter/Caravelle VI Bus SGB, SGC, SGG, SGJ, SHB, SHJ

*only usable if the Active Sound System is not pre-installed from factory

Please download the installation manual in our shop before buying the product and check, if your car offers enough space for the sound generator at the provided place at the underbody of the car. In individual cases it is possible that the provided position at the cars underbody doesn't offer enough space due to different equipment and variants of the same car model.