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First usage, diagnosis function

Start & Check: After the software is connected to the module, you can see an overview.

  • software version – click on the button "Online Update" to automatically install the latest firmware
  • current profile
  • which vehicle is set or detected
  • CAN status. Attention: the display only shows whether CAN-high and CAN-low are plugged in correctly or not
  • more support & debug information
  • the cruise control lever is automatically active and can be deactivated if desired

Manual vehicle selection

Manual selection: There are cars, which give out no clear identification and therefore they can't be detected automatically. In this case you have to select the vehicle manually here.

Feature for distributors: The universal module (article number: 40176) supports all variants. You can minimize the stock, because the branding is set with the software.

Comfort profile selector

Profile selector: Some car models have a standard operating profile switch. You can control the Sound Booster Pro with this system. In this field of the software you decide, which profile is linked with which driving mode.

Important: If you choose this control style, the push button and the remote control can’t be used. You can use it again, if you set the field to „ignore”.

External Sound Module (ESM) Selection

External Sound Module: If you have installed a different ESM, you can select it here. Therefore you can use other modules for example by Audi, BMW, Maserati or VW.

Navigation bar, test & save

Test: Use this feature to transfer the settings in each profile to the module. Once you want to secure the profile permanently, please use save. Only by using save the profile will be saved permanently in the module, otherwise the changes will be lost by the next ignition change.
Load: Did you change something at the diagram and you don’t like it? By using this function, you can load the last transmitted diagram from the module.
Factory settings: This option restores the factory settings for the selected profile.
Data import / export: With these buttons you can save your profile at your PC or you can import a profile from your PC.

Profiles & explanation of the diagrams

Profiles: Depending on the module variant, you can see up to 6 different profiles (map 1–6) which can be changed individually. Currently, there are 5 diagrams available which can be changed: revolutions per minute translation (rpm), volume, bracing (irregular run), irregular load and speed dependent volume adjustment.
Own profile: Each profile has the same maps and features. Hereby you can create different profiles, which can be switched by using the push button of the module, the remote control or other control possibilities of the Sound Booster.
Diagrams: In every diagram you can set up to 15 points, which influence the course of the diagram. With the right mouse button you set a point, with the left you remove the point.

RPM translation

Rpm translation: The input rotation can be converted to any other rotation. For example, it can be increased to 1000 rpm when the engine rotates at 700 rpm.

This function is also important when the system is installed at vehicles with gasoline engines. Sometimes the rpm range can be up to 7000 rpm here. The translation should be reduced to a maximum of 4500 rpm - this makes the system sounding still strong and good at higher rotations.


Red area: This volume area should not be used if possible. In this section it is not possible to set any points directly. If you want to use this area, set a point below the hatched zone. Then you can pull up the point into this section.

Please note that the volume will be turned down if the engine revolutions per minute are the same for more than 30 seconds in this red area. Usually this occurs at constant trips.

Bracing (irregular run)

Irregular sound: You can perform the spreading over the diagram and the whole revolutions section. If the engine shall run irregularly only in the idle, the idle revolutions per minute must known as an input variable in cold as well as warm state.

Furthermore you have to watch out for the spreading not running against 0 all of a sudden. That means you have to mark a little ramp like in the example. Otherwise the transition is unpleasent while reducing the speed.

Irregular Load

Irregular load: This characteristic field is useful and audible mainly while standing. The sound is given a little more volume with this adjustment.


Speed dependent volume adjustment (SDVA) increasing to maximum: The overall volume increases up to 100 km/h and remains until the end.
SDVA with cut-off: The total volume increases until the full volume is reproduced at 100 km/h. After this, the volume turns down and at 150 km/h the system is switched off (transparent graph in the upper picture). The SDVA function filters the volume generated by the previous functions (volume, irregular load). This means if this field is 100 % and the volume is only 30 %, then 30 % is is also the total output at the end.

Virtual accelerator, demo mode

Virtual accelerator: This slider allows you to test the settings without a running engine. For this you only need to turn on the ignition.
Demo mode: If you set the slider of the virtual accelerator to exactly 600 rpm, you can test new changes with your real cars accelerator.


Throttle: The volume can be changed depending on the accelerator pedal position, which can generate even more realistic sounds. A map is already anchored to the accelerator pedal position in profile 1.

In order to use this function, the accelerator pedal position needs to be detected for each vehicle. Please chceck the diagnostic page in the software if this is the case for your car.

Notes for using the software

Note: The modules 40186 and 40187 (Active Sound for Audi A4 8K, A5 8T) are not compatible with the software. You can get an update in our shop to fix it. This doesn't only allow the use of the software to create unique sound profiles, it also makes the Sound Booster louder.
Complete Update in our shop

The use of our software for making changes to the profiles is unfortunately not possible for the Intensify Boost Set for Maserati Ghibli, Quattroporte, Levante Diesel (Module 40597, Item No.: 40595). However, the volume can be controlled at any time via the cruise control and the changes are automatically saved in the profile, which is active.

How to use Sound Booster Software?

Creating sound profiles, tips and tricks

Terence Toh from Autofidelity, our official installation partner in Australia, explains the Sound Booster Pro software and creates his own sound profile. Listen to it at the end of the video.

Want to get pre made tone profiles?

Download them for free in our download area.

Do you have questions about the software?

Have a look at our FAQs to find the answers to frequently asked questions.

Is your question not answered there as well?
You can call our Sound Booster Pro Hotline: +49 (0) 4551 80 810 888
We are available for you from monday until friday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.