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Universal Set Innenmontage Version PRO

버전 "PRO"

이 시리즈의 베스트셀러는 내부의 설치를위한 Sound Booster의 PRO 버전입니다. 이 키트를 사용하면 외부 사운드 모듈 (ESM)으로 Audi에서 엔진 소음 발생을위한 컨트롤 유닛을받을 수 있습니다.


  • KUFATEC 사운드 모듈
  • ESM 외장 사운드 모듈 오디의
  • 내부 설치용 사운드 발생기
  • 케이블 세트
Universal Set Innenmontage Version EXTENDED


내부 설치용 Sound Booster의 EXTENDED 버전을 사용하면 마세라티가 제공하는 컨트롤 유닛을 외부 사운드 모듈 (ESM)으로 받게됩니다. 이 키트의 사운드 특성은 훨씬 강력합니다.


  • KUFATEC 사운드 모듈
  • ESM 외장 사운드 모듈 마세라티
  • 내부 설치용 사운드 발생기
  • 사운드 제너레이터
  • 케이블 세트


  • 구매전 공간 체크 » 사운드 제너레이터 치수 : 지름 약 20cm, 높이 약 16cm, 둘레 약 64cm
  • 철세공 필요
  • 설치시간 : 약 4시간
  • 전문가를 통한 설치 가능
  • 설치대리점을 통한 설치 가능

이 세트는 아래 차량들에 적용할 수 있습니다

Alfa Romeo: Brera 939; Giulia 952; Giulietta 940; Mito 955; Spider 916S, 939; Stelvio 949
Audi: A1 8X1, 8XK; A1 Sportback 8XA, 8XF, GBA; A3 8L1, 8P1, 8V1, 8VK; A3 Cabriolet 8P7, 8V7, 8VE; A3 Limousine 8VM, 8VS; A3 Sportback 8PA, 8VA, 8VF; A4 8D2, B5, 8E2, 8E2, B6, 8EC, B7, 8K2, B8, 8W2, 8WC; A4 Allroad 8KH, B8, 8WH, 8WJ; A4 Avant 8D5, B5, 8E5, B6, 8ED, B7, 8K5, B8, 8W5, 8WD; A4 Cabriolet 8H7, 8H7, 8HE, B6, B7, 8H7, B6, 8HE, B7, 8HE; A5 8T3, F53, F5P; A5 Cabriolet 8F7, F57, F5E; A5 Sportback 8TA, F5A, F5F; A6 4A2, C8, 4B2, 4B2, C5, 4F2, C6, 4G2, 4GC, 4G2, C7, 4GC; A6 Allroad 4AH, C8, 4FH, C6, 4GH, 4GJ; A6 Avant 4A5, C8, 4B5, 4F5, C6, 4G5, 4GD; A7 Sportback 4GA, 4GF, 4KA; A8 400, 400000000, 4D2, 4D8, 4E2, 4E8, 4E, 4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL, 4N2, 4N8; Allroad 4BH, C5; E-Tron GEN; Q2 GAB, GAG; Q3 8UB, 8UG, F3B; Q5 8RB, FYB, FYG; Q7 4L, 4LB, 4MB, 4MG; Q8 4MN; R8 422, 423, 4S3, 4SP; R8 Spyder 427, 429, 4S9, 4SR; TT 8J3, 8N3, FV3, FVP; TT Roadster 8J9, 8N9, FV9, FV9, FVR
BMW: 1er E81, E87, F20, F21, F40; 1er Cabriolet E88; 1er Coupe E82; 2 Active Tourer F45; 2 Cabriolet F23; 2 Coupe F22, F87; 2 Gran Tourer F46; 3 Gran Turismo F34; 3er E46, E90, F30, F80, G20, G28, G80, G20, G80; 3er Cabriolet E46, E93; 3er Compact E46; 3er Coupe E46, E92; 3er Touring E46, E91, F31, G21, G81; 4 Cabriolet F33, F83; 4 Coupe F32, F82; 4 Gran Coupe F36; 5er E39, E60, F10, F10, F18, F90, G30; 5er Gran Turismo F07; 5er Touring E39, E61, F11, G31; 6 Gran Coupe F06; 6 Gran Turismo G32; 6er E63; 6er Cabriolet E64, F12; 6er Coupe F13; 7er E38, E65, E66, E67, F01, F02, F03, F04, G11, G12; 8 Cabriolet F91, G14; 8 Coupe F92, G15; 8 Gran Coupe F93, G16; X1 E84, F48; X2 F39; X3 E83, F25, F97, G01; X4 F26, F98, G02; X5 E53, E70, F15, F85, F95, G05; X6 E71, E72, F16, F86; X7 G07; Z3 E36; Z3 Coupe E36; Z3 Roadster E36; Z4 Coupe E86; Z4 Roadster E85, E89; Z8 Roadster E52
Chevrolet: Camaro -; Cruze J300; Cruze Schrägheck J305; Cruze Station Wagon J308; Malibu -, V300; Malibu Schrägheck -; Malibu Stufenheck -; Silverado 2500 Crew Cab Pick-up -
Chrysler: 300 C LE, LX; 300 C Touring LE, LX
Citroën: C4 Aircross -; C4 Cactus -; C4 Coupe LA; C4 Grand Picasso I UA; C4 Grand Picasso II DA, DE; C4 I LC; C4 II B7; C4 Picasso I Großraumlimousine UD; C4 Picasso II -; C4 Stufenheck -; DS5 -; Jumper Bus -, 244, Z; Jumper Kasten -, 244
Daewoo: Nubira Stufenheck J200, KLAJ, KLAN; Nubira Wagon KLAJ, KLAN
Daihatsu: Materia M4
Dodge: Challenger -; Challenger Coupe -
Fiat: Ducato Bus 230, 244, 244, Z, 250, 250, 290; Ducato Kasten 230, 230L, 244, 250, 250, 290; Ducato Pritsche/Fahrgestell 230, 244, 250, 250, 290
Ford: Fiesta Stufenheck -; Focus III -; Focus III Stufenheck -; Focus III Turnier -; Focus III Van -; Kuga I -; Kuga II DM2; Kuga II Van -; Mondeo IV BA7; Mondeo IV Stufenheck BA7; Mondeo IV Turnier BA7; Mondeo V Turnier CF; Ranger -, EQ, ER, R, ES, ET, ET, TKE; S-Max CJ, WA6, WA6; Tourneo Connect/Grand Tourneo Connect V408 Großraumlimousi -; Transit Connect P65, P70, P80; Transit Connect V408 Kasten/Großraumlimousine -; Transit Custom V362 Bus F3; Transit Custom V362 Kasten FY, FZ
FORD USA: F-250 -; F-250 Super Duty -; Mustang Convertible -; Mustang Coupe -
Honda: Civic VIII Hatchback FK, FN, FN, FK
Hummer: H2 Geländewagen Geschlossen -; Hummer H2 -; Hummer H2 SUT -
Hyundai: i30 FD, GD, PD, PDE, PDEN; i30 Coupe -; i30 Fastback PDE, PDEN; i30 Kombi FD, GD, PDE; i40 VF; i40 CW VF; iX35 EL, ELH, LM; Kona OS, OSE, OSI; Santa Fé I SM; Santa Fé II CM; Santa Fé III DM, DMA; Tucson JM, TL, TLE, TLE
Infiniti: FX -; M Y51; Q30 -; Q50 -
Isuzu: D-Max II TFR, TFS
Jaguar: F-Pace X761; XE X760; XF CC9, J05, CC9, JB, X250, X260; XF Sportbrake X250; XJ X350, X358
Jeep: Cherokee KJ, KK, KL; Commander XH, XK; Compass MK49; Grand Cherokee II WG, WJ, WJ, WG; Grand Cherokee III WH, WK; Grand Cherokee IV WK, WK2; Patriot MK74; Renegade SUV B1, BU, BV; Wrangler II TJ; Wrangler III JK
KIA: Cee'D JD; Cee'D Sportswagon JD; Ceed CD; Sorento II XM; Sorento III UM; Sportage JE, KM, QL, QLE, SL; Sportage SUV K00
Lancia: Thema LX
Land Rover: Defender Cabrio LD; Defender Pick-up L316; Defender Pritsche/Fahrgestell LD; Defender Station Wagon L316, LD; Discovery IV L319, LA; Discovery V L462; Range Rover Evoque L538; Range Rover Evoque Cabriolet L538, LV; Range Rover III L322, LM; Range Rover IV L405; Range Rover Sport L320, L494; Range Rover Velar L560
Lexus: LX J2, URJ201, UZJ100; RX GGL1, GYL1, AGL1, L1, L2, MCU15, U3
Mazda: CX-5 GH, KE, KE, GH; CX-60 KH; CX-7 ER
Mercedes-Benz: A-Klasse W168, W169, W176; B-Klasse W242, W246, W245; C-Klasse W203, W204, W205; C-Klasse Coupe C204, C205, CL203; C-Klasse T-Model S203, S204, S205; CLA Coupe C117; CLA Shooting Brake X117; CLK C208, C209; CLK Cabriolet A208, A209; CLS C218, C219, C257; CLS Shooting Brake X218; E-Klasse W210, W211, W212, W213; E-Klasse Cabriolet A207; E-Klasse Coupe C207; E-Klasse T-Model S211, S212; G-Klasse W461, W463; G-Klasse Cabrio W463; GL-Klasse X164, X166; GLA-Klasse X156; GLC X253; GLE V167, W166; GLE Coupe C167, C292; M-Klasse W163, W164, W166; R-Klasse V251, W251; S-Klasse V222, W222, X222, W221; S-Klasse Coupe C217; SL R230; SLK R170, R171, R172; Sprinter 3,5-T Bus B906; Sprinter 3,5-T Kasten 906, B906; Sprinter 3,5-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell B906; Sprinter 3-T Bus B906; Sprinter 3-T Kasten B906; Sprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell B906; Sprinter 4,6-T Kasten B906; Sprinter 4,6-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell B906; Sprinter 5-T Kasten B906; V-Klasse W447; Viano W639; Vito Bus W639; Vito Kasten W447; Vito Mixto (Double Cabin) W447; Vito Tourer W447; Vito/Mixto Kasten W639; X-Klasse 470
MINI: Mini F55, F56, R50, R53, R56; Mini Cabriolet R52, R57; Mini Clubman F54, R55; Mini Clubvan R55; Mini Countryman R60; Mini Coupe R58; Mini Paceman R61; Mini Roadster R59
Mitsubishi: Lancer Cargo II Station Wagon CVY12; Lancer Sportback CXA; Lancer Stufenheck CSA; Lancer VII CSA, CTA; Lancer VII Station Wagon CSW, CTW; Lancer VIII CYA, CZA; Lancer VIII Sportback CX A; Pajero IV V80, V90, V8W, V9W; Pajero IV Van V8, V8V, V9
Nissan: Frontier -; GT-R R35; Navara -, D22; Navara Pritsche/Fahrgestell D22, D23, D40; NP300 Navara D40; NP300 Navara Pick-up D23; NP300 Navara Pritsche/Fahrgestell D40; NV200 Kasten -; NV200/Evalia Bus -; Qashqai +2 I J10, JJ10E, NJ10; Qashqai II SUV J11, J11; X-Trail T30, T31, T32
Opel: Adam M13; Antara L07; Astra J -, P10; Astra J Caravan P10; Astra J Stufenheck -; Astra K -, B16; Cascada W13; Corsa D S07; Corsa D Kasten/Schrägheck S07; Corsa E X15; Corsa E Kasten/Schrägheck X15; GT Cabriolet M07; Insignia A G09; Insignia A Sports Tourer G09; Insignia A Stufenheck G09; Mokka/Mokka X J13
Peugeot: 308 II L3, LB, LH, LP, LW; 308 SW II L4, LC, LJ, LR, LX; 508 I 8D; 508 SW I 8E; RCZ -
Porsche: Boxster 981, 986, 987; Cayenne 92A, 9PA; Macan 95B; Panamera 970
Renault: Avantime DE0; Clio IV BH; Laguna Coupe DT0/1; Laguna III BT0/1; Laguna III Grandtour KT0/1; Master II Bus JD; Master II Kasten FD; Megane II Stufenheck LM0/1; Megane III Coupe DZ0/1; Megane III Grandtour KZ0/1; Megane III Schrägheck B3, BZ0/1; Megane IV Grandtour K9A/M; Megane IV Schrägheck B9A/M; Talisman L2M; Talisman Grandtour KP; Trafic III Bus JG; Trafic III Kasten FG
Seat: Alhambra 710, 711, 7V8, 7V9; Altea 5P1; Altea XL 5P5, 5P8; Arona KJ7; Ateca KH7, KHP; Exeo 3R2; Exeo ST 3R5; Ibiza IV 6J5, 6P1; Ibiza IV Sportcoupe 6J1, 6P5; Ibiza IV ST 6J8, 6P8; Ibiza Sportcoupe Kasten/Schrägheck 6J1; Ibiza V KJ1; Leon 1M1, 1P1, 5F, 5F1, KL1; Leon Kasten/Schrägheck 5F1; Leon SC 5F5; Leon ST 5F8; Leon ST Kasten/Kombi 5F8; Mii KE1, KF1; Tarraco KN2; Toledo IV KG3
Skoda: Citigo NF1; Fabia III NJ3; Fabia III Kombi NJ5; Karoq ND7, NU7; Kodiaq NS6, NS7, NV7; Octavia I 1U2; Octavia I Combi 1U5; Octavia II 1Z3; Octavia II Combi 1Z5; Octavia III 5000, NL3, NR3; Octavia III Combi 500000, 5000000, 5E5, 5E6; Octavia IV NN3, NX3, NX3; Octavia IV Combi NX5; Rapid NH1, NH3; Rapid Spaceback NH1, NH3; Roomster 5J, 5J7; Roomster Praktik 5J; Scala NW1; Superb I 3U4; Superb II 3T4; Superb II Kombi 3T5; Superb III 3V3; Superb III Kombi 3V5; Yeti 5L
Smart: Forfour Schrägheck 453; Fortwo Cabrio 451; Fortwo Cabriolet 453; Fortwo Coupe 450, 451, 453
Ssangyong: Rexton/Rexton II GAB
Subaru: Impreza Schrägheck -, G3, GH, GR, GP, GR; Impreza Station Wagon -, GD, GG, GG; Impreza Stufenheck -, GD, GD, GG, GE, GV, GJ, GR; Tribeca B9; WRX Stufenheck GJ
Suzuki: Vitara ET, LY; Vitara Cabrio ET
Tesla: Model S 5YJS; Model X 5YJX; Roadster DS
Toyota: Hilux III Pritsche/Fahrgestell KUN1, TGN3, TGN2, TGN1; Hilux Pritsche/Fahrgestell N1, N2; Hilux VII Pick-up N1, N2, N3; Hilux VIII Pick-up GUN1, N1; Land Cruiser J7, LJ12, KZJ12, TRJ12, KDJ12, GRJ12; Land Cruiser 100 FZJ1, UZJ1; Land Cruiser 200 GRJ2, UZJ2, VDJ2, J2, J20, URJ20, UZJ2, VDJ2; Land Cruiser Pick-up J7; Land Cruiser Prado GRJ12, KDJ12, GRJ12, KDJ12, KZJ12, LJ12, TRJ12, GRJ15, KDJ15, J12, J15
Volvo: V40 Cross Country 525, 526; V40 Kombi VW; V40 Schrägheck 525, 526; V60 I 155, 157; XC60 156; XC60 II 246; XC90 I 275; XC90 II 256
VW: Amarok 2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B; Amarok Pritsche/Fahrgestell S1B, S6B, S7B; Arteon 3H7, 3H8; Atlas CA1; Beetle 5C1, 5C2; Beetle Cabriolet 5C7, 5C8; Bora 1J2, 9M2; Bora Variant 1J6; Caddy Alltrack Großraumlimousine SAB; Caddy Alltrack Kasten/Großraumlimousine SAA; Caddy III Großraumlimousine 2CB, 2CJ, 2KB, 2KJ; Caddy III Kasten/Großraumlimousine 2CA, 2CH, 2KA, 2KH; Caddy IV Großraumlimousine SAB, SAJ; Caddy IV Kasten SAA, SAH; Caddy IV Kasten/Großraumlimousine SAA, SAH; Caddy IV Kombi SAB, SAJ; CC 358; Crafter 30-35 Bus 2E; Crafter 30-50 Kasten 2E; Crafter 30-50 Pritsche/Fahrgestell 2F; Crafter Bus SYI, SYJ; Crafter Kasten SX, SY; Crafter Pritsche/Fahrgestell SZ; EOS 1F7, 1F8; Fox 5Z1, 5Z3; Fox Schrägheck 5Z1, 5Z3, 5Z4; Golf Alltrack BA5, BV5; Golf IV 1J1; Golf IV Variant 1J5; Golf Plus 521, 5M1; Golf Sportsvan AM1, AN1; Golf V 1K1; Golf V Variant 1K5; Golf VI 5K1; Golf VI Cabriolet 517; Golf VI Variant AJ5; Golf VII 5G1, BE1, BE2, BQ1; Golf VII Van 5G1; Golf VII Variant BA5, BV5; Golf VIII CB1, CD1; Golf VIII Variant CG5; ID. Buzz Bus -; ID. Buzz Kasten -; ID.4 E21; ID.5 E39; Jetta III 1K2; Jetta IV 162, 163, AV2, AV3; Multivan V 7EF, 7EM, 7EN, 7HF, 7HM, 7HN; Multivan VI SGF, SGM, SGN, SHM, SHN; New Beetle 1C1, 9C1; New Beetle Cabriolet 1Y7; Passat 362, 3B2, 3B3, 3C2, 3G2, CB2, A32, A32, A33; Passat Alltrack 365, 3G5, CB5; Passat CC 357; Passat Kasten/Kombi 365; Passat Variant 365, 3B5, 3B6, 3C5, 3G5, CB5; Phaeton 3D1, 3D2, 3D3, 3D4, 3D6, 3D7, 3D8, 3D9; Polo 6C1, 6R1, 6R, 6C, 9A, 9N, 9N, AE1, AW1, BZ1; Polo Stufenheck -, 602, 604, 612, 614, 9A2, 9A4, 9A6, 9N2; Polo Van 6R; Polo Vivo Schrägheck 6S1, 6S3; Scirocco 137, 138; Scirocco Van 137; Sharan 7M6, 7M8, 7M9, 7N, 7N1, 7N2; T-Cross C11; T-ROC A11; Tiguan 5N, AD1, AX1; Tiguan Allspace BJ2, BW2, BW2; Touareg 7L6, 7L7, 7LA, 7P5, 7P6, CR7; Touran 1T1, 1T2, 1T3, 5T1; Transporter IV Bus 70B, 70C, 70J, 70K, 7DB, 7DC, 7DJ, 7DK; Transporter IV Kasten 70A, 70H, 7DA, 7DH; Transporter V Bus 7EB, 7EJ, 7HB, 7HJ; Transporter V Kasten 7EA, 7EH, 7HA, 7HH; Transporter V Pritsche/Fahrgestell 7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ; Transporter VI Kasten SGA, SGH, SHA, SHH; Transporter VI Pritsche/Fahrgestell SFD, SFE, SFL, SFZ, SJD; Transporter/Caravelle VI Bus SGB, SGC, SGG, SGJ, SHB, SHJ; UP -; UP! 121, 122, 123, BL1, BL2, BL3

너의 차가 아직 우리 시스템에서 지원되지 않니?

우리는 KUFATEC Sound Booster Pro의 성공적인 설치를 보장합니다. 우리는 당신의 차를 여기에 데려 갈 필요없이 곧 시스템을 조정합니다.

요구 사항은 모터 CAN 버스 시스템과 원격 제어를 통해 시스템을 조정하기위한 모듈에 대한 인터넷 연결입니다.
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